Honda EU3000is Generator RV Bumper Mount


Honda EU3000is is one of the most popular generators for RV use

With electric start and it's small compact size there is no wonder that this is a favorite with RVer's.

Now you can mount your Honda EU3000is on your RV rear bumper. This mount fits the generator like a glove! It fastens to your 4" square tube bumper using clamps. You are still able to lock the generator down to the mount and use the factory cover for protection while you travel.

Ok the Honda EU3000is watt generator is relatively light, but who wants to lift it any higher that you have to? Stop putting the generator in the back of your truck, hauling it in and out. Even filling the fuel tank is a chore when it's in the back of your truck. I couldn't believe how much easier it was to fuel up my generator.


The mount positions the generator so that it rides on it's shock mount pads decreasing noise and vibration in the RV.


The bumper should be checked and supported properly to handle the additional weight and the cantilever effect of the generator mount!

We recommend using SafetyStruts from Mount-n-Lock.

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*Please note - the bumper mount does not include the rubber cushions shown in the pictures